T&G guzzijeans 品牌介绍
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T&G独创机车爱好者的生态圏, 它是机车爱好者和T&G牛仔粉丝的“家园”。



T&G is a denim brand designed for the locomotive enthusiasts. 

As a “home” for locomotive enthusiasts and denim fans, T&G has also created an exclusive ecosystem for locomotive enthusiasts. 

Rough and heroic, wild and proud, T&G’s design soul is to release the individuality. With a demanding pursuit of the production process, every point, every line and every surface of T&G denim integrate into the roar of locomotive motors; all the fabrics and accessories are imported, the special warp-and-weft structure of the fabric is more breathable. After hand-washing, it is softer and more comfortable in feel than fabrics of the same weight. Every rivet, leather card and button of T&G is an artwork combined with high-grade materials and top craftsmanship.

T&G locomotive denim is not only the glory of locomotive enthusiasts,but also the favorite collection of the trend pioneers.